This Week's Note
CTK at the Park
July 3, 2022
Dan McEvoy, Tyler Michel

Freedom: we love it, but we sure take it for granted...and that becomes most apparent when we lose it. We know freedom has price. Brave men and women have paid the ultimate price for our country. Jesus paid the ultimate price for our salvation. This Sunday, we celebrate not only our freedom as a nation, but the great liberation of our very souls. This Sunday is a very special combined gathering with our CTK Blaine Campus for worship, freedom, and fellowship!

Grudge or Goodness?
June 26, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Forgiveness is hard. Is there anything more difficult to do? When we truly forgive, there is amazing freedom for ourselves and for those we forgive. If you feel imprisoned by your own bitterness and want to experience a release or help be set free from the bondage of the past, this Sunday will be your Sunday to engage our final chapter of how to live a better story.

The New Version We Tell Ourselves
June 19, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Lately, there is a push of rewriting history books to reflect all perspectives. This is a necessary step in correcting many injustices, but is such a difficult task because of one fact: all interpretations come from a biased perspective. This is true of our own personal histories, too. Our lives have had happiness and good times, but also much pain. The latter can easily become our lens on how we view life today. The challenge, then, is how to use our past to help us, not hurt us. The Bible says the best way is not to lean on our interpretation, but on God's.

No Excuses
June 12, 2022
Dan McEvoy

We all make excuses. If we let it, making excuses can easily lead to living a very limited existence. This Sunday, we will be seeking God's answer to the reason behind the excuses we make and finding freedom-not only freedom for ourselves, but liberation for others to live the better story God has for us. Let go of any excuse you have for missing service and show up this week!

Put Your Past in the Past
June 5, 2022
Janelle Bruland

Each of us has a story that is filled with a lot of drama and even trauma, yet through Jesus, there are new chapters to be written-a better story that can be lived. The question is, who holds the pen in your life? This Sunday we kick off our new series, Live a Better Story, with speaker, life coach, and author of The Success Lie, Janelle Bruland. Janelle and her husband, Graham, have been with us at North Bay for many years. This week, she will be sharing her account of how the great first step of living a better story starts with getting past your past to live the best life God has for you.

Put Your Money Where Your Heart Is
May 29, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Does life feel elusive? Like it's as hard to grasp as a loose sheet of paper on a gusty day? We can struggle from day to day, never really accomplishing the goals we have. It only seems to become more and more defeating the older we get. Yet deep down, you know that the quality of your life is not determined by achieving goals or finishing checklists. Here we will discover what really does matter, what has the potential to bring you what we all desire: joy.

Trust Funds
May 22, 2022

Genesis 3:5 NIV Today’s Truth: Our generosity ultimately depends on our trust in God’s Goodness. Matthew 14:26-29 NIV; John 20:29 NIV; Hebrews 11:1 NLT; Matthew 14:30–31 NIV; Hebrews 11:6 NIV Living Generous by Trusting in God’s Goodness: Give God our first, not our last. Proverbs 3:9 NIV; Malachi 3 …

How To Be Rich
May 15, 2022
Dan McEvoy

How rich are you? Your answer might be, "Not very." Well, think again! If you think you're poor, you always will be. However, if you realize how rich you are, great wealth is available to you...and payday is this Sunday! Come and receive your inheritance with us!

Open Hands, Open Hearts
May 8, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Where does joy really come from? Some believe it comes from what we get -- gifts on Christmas morning, that big purchase you've been saving up for, all the conveniences of modern living. Truth is, true joy is found in the giving. This week, uncover with us how to access true joy in our brand new series, The Joy of a Generous Life. Invite your friends, family, neighbors, & co-workers to this one!

Being People of Hope
April 24, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Celebrating Easter is always so filled with new life and new hope...but now what? Well, now it's about living out that hope. Be honest: do you really carry that hope every day, especially in middle of another busy week? This Sunday we continue with our Unstoppable series and look at how even in “weak days” we can be filled with continual hope.

There Is One
April 17, 2022
Dan McEvoy

We're so excited to celebrate once again the greatest event ever: the resurrection of the King of kings, Jesus Christ! Easter Sunday is one of our favorite days of the year as we celebrate together!

Farewell Speech
April 10, 2022
Dan McEvoy

They say those who know they are soon going to die find extraordinary clarity at the very end, notably of what truly matters most in their lives. What if there was a way for us to discover this about our own lives, BEFORE we're on our deathbed? How do we do it? This weekend, we're given some ideas by way of one very emotional goodbye speech that ended up making the first-century church unstoppable, and can serve to do the same for our own faith. Join us as we celebrate Palm Sunday and prepare for an amazing Holy Week together!

Game Changer
April 3, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Do you know someone who was raised in Church and who has not only stopped attending services and groups but has walked away from their faith? What makes someone with such a deep-rooted belief turn their back on the mission of Christ? There are a lot of complex reasons, but one might come down to a version of faith that really was intended to put them in first place. Join us as we unpack Paul's approach to being a servant of Christ with the sole intention of winning hearts and souls to the Lord.

The Messy Middle
March 27, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Conspiracy theories. Cancel culture. Conflict in Ukraine. The world is so divided right now. How is it affecting you? How are you keeping your faith through it all? As it turns out, there are practical steps we can take make difference not only in the world out there, but in the world right here where we live. Join us this week for a special gathering as we tackle the challenging issue of faith through the conflict.

Church for Everybody
March 20, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Change. Most people want it if will improve their lives. We can see in the Scriptures that God's character never changes; it is unstoppable in its pursuit to bring change for the good of our lives. Do you struggle with change? Do you find it difficult to acclimate to new things? This week we offer help not only to adapt but actually lead you to transformation in both your life and the lives of others.

The Voice and The View
March 13, 2022
Dan McEvoy

With so many competing voices constantly coming at us, it can be hard to discern which to listen to. The ones we choose to believe are the ones that direct our lives the most. How do we know which ones are true? That's the question we'll answer in this message—a question so important it can literally determine your future. Don't miss it!

Serve, Sacrifice, Be Sent
March 6, 2022
Dan McEvoy

There is a little hidden issue that no one is really talking about that has developed during the COVID years. It's affected our culture and even has seeped into the church; yet Jesus promised that He will build His church and nothing will come against it. Join us as we discover and deal with this issue that affects our very motivation to follow Jesus. To know it and call it out of us will lead to greater transformation in our lives in the impact our community!

Upside-Down Power
February 27, 2022
Derek Archer

Our world has always been impacted by those seeking power through money, influence, position or force. The early followers of Jesus learned quickly that God did not intend power to come at the cost of another, but extended His power to others at the cost of Himself. How would your life look different living in the Power of God?

Get It
February 20, 2022
Dan McEvoy

You would think that in times of crisis, people would be unified. Actually, since the pandemic began, church attendance has tanked almost everywhere. Weird, right??
So, what happened? Or maybe the bigger question is, how can we establish the habit of gathering together again as a faith community?
Sometimes the best way to go forward is go back-2000 years back, to the beginning. To the moment Jesus established His church, which He built-and is still building-to be unstoppable.
How do we participate in the unstoppable mission of Jesus? Join us for not only our Sunday gatherings, but in our small groups as we grow spiritually together using this season's growth guides, starting this week!

Dare God for the Impossible
February 13, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Have you ever felt overwhelmed in life? You might say, "Yes, right now!" Well, guess what that makes you. (Hint: it’s not what you think it is.) What can you do about it? Join us this Sunday as we discover who really does surround us and how it will change our lives completely when we realize it.

Blind, Beggin’, and Bold
February 6, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Do you ever wonder if God thinks our prayers are too small? It starts with moving beyond just saying grace at mealtime and “now I lay me down to sleep” at bedtime. He has given us permission and authority to pray big and bold; so why do we seldom do it? If you desire to experience the power of prayer, then you don’t want to miss this Sunday and hear not only how big and bold prayer has worked, but how God so desires to answer the prayers we pray--no matter the size. 

In Community Together
January 30, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Isolation has been one of the greatest challenges during this pandemic. As much as prayer is a relationship with God it also involves a community of people supporting each other. In this message we’re going to examine the significance of unity through the power of prayer. If you are feeling weary, we are here to carry those burdens to God with you!

Unchecked Will Catch You
January 16, 2022
Dan McEvoy

We've all done something wrong and tried our best to cover it up. Eventually, though, we know it catches up with us-and in the worst way possible. To avoid this, we need to come clean before the consequences become too severe. But how? Join us as we discover how PRAYER WORKS through the power of confession. It calls for courage, but the reward is a truly incredible feeling of freedom and joy. What more could we want?!

Our Choice in the Voice
January 9, 2022
Dan McEvoy

In times of need, grief, or even crisis, we're told over and over again that we should pray... but does it really work? Let's be real: it's struggle when our prayers seem to go unanswered. How can we say that prayer works when this happens? This new year's series is taking a honest approach to prayer, why it does really matter, and how it does really work.

The Year of the Kingdom
January 2, 2022
Larry Eide

New Year's one-off message