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Thanksgiving 2023: Thanks & Giving
November 27, 2022
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Luke 17:11-17

Thanksgiving 2023: Thanks & Giving

November 27, 2022 / Luke 17:11-17

Hebrews 13:16 (NIV)
1 Peter 4:10 (NIV)

Hands of Hope Malawi: The Mission

To bring together churches situated among people living in situations of poverty, powerlessness and oppression, with churches from affluent parts of the world in order to provide training, opportunities, and resources for the youth of Malawi to help empower them and raise them out of poverty.

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ThemeDouble Blessing

Share Together:

What was a “must” tradition or food at your thanksgiving table growing up and has it change today

Reflect together:

What impacted you the most from Sunday’s “Thanks and Giving” gathering and next steps you feel God is leading you this holiday season?

Read Together:

Luke 17:11-17

Discuss Together:
  • Of all the different ways Jesus healed people why didn’t He heal the lepers instantly? 
  • Verse 14 says “as they went, they were healed” how does that relate with you regarding the type of healing God provided for you? Why doesn’t God always heal us not only physically but emotionally and many other ways instantly?
  • Why was there only one that came back to returned thanks? What do you think their excuses were if we interviewed the other nine? 
  • What excuses can we give for not thank Him for what He has done in our lives?
  • What was so significant about Jesus’ pointing out to the one leper who returned to give thanks? Why did Jesus make the point he was Samaritan? 
  • What did He receive from Jesus that was different then from the other nine?
  • What does that teach about the blessing of having grateful hearts?
  • How can we be “The One’s” who returned to Jesus to live a life gratefulness to bless others? 
Pray Together:
Take time to share the good things you are grateful for, and that God is doing in your life. Pray for one another of the needs that you have as we head into this holiday season.

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