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Unstoppable, Week 8: Farewell Speech
April 10, 2022
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Acts 20:17-38

Unstoppable, Week 8: Farewell Speech

April 10, 2022 / Acts 20:17-38

Question: If you were making a farewell speech, what would you include?

Acts 20:18-19 ESV

⇒ I direct peoples’ toward Jesus, not me.

A humble and weak person will show a crucified savior better to a listener than a polished, pulled-together expert, because that’s how it happened for us; we weren’t saved by pulling ourselves together, but by admitting we were sinners and calling on the one who was pulled apart for us.
-Tim Keller

Acts 20:20 ESV

⇒ I didn’t hold back my to know the truth.

Acts 13:36a ESV; Acts 20:24 ESV

⇒ I have finished .

Galatians 5:7 NIV; Acts 20:28 ESV

⇒ I have invested in God’s community.

Acts 20:29-31a ESV; Acts 20:33-35 ESV

⇒ I gave I took.

Question: Will you be a giver rather than a taker?

Acts 20:36-38 ESV

Question: Are you living for what really matters?


Unstoppable Growth Guides

During this season of exploring the book of Acts, we will be following along together in our Unstoppable Growth Guide in order to build a habit of reading scripture and to introduce you to spiritual practices that will help you connect with God in meaningful ways. The weekly group discussion questions can be found at our website:

Theme: The Power of Parting Words

Reflect Together:

What impacted you the most from last week’s reading, and what did you express in your Unstoppable Growth Guide and last Sunday’s gathering?

Share Together:

If you could put one phrase on your gravestone that reflected what you would want people to remember you by, what would it be?

Read Together:

Acts 20:17-38

Discuss Together:

Get the discussion questions for this week at

Pray Together:

Take time to share how God is answering prayer, and pray over the needs in your group.

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