Ekklesia Bellingham
Epiphany, Week 1
January 2, 2022
Main Scripture Reference(s)
Matthew 2:1-20

Epiphany, Week 1

January 2, 2022 / Matthew 2:1-20

Matthew 2:1-20

Epiphany: appearing, manifestation, glorious display.

We spend 24 days Jesus coming on Christmas Day. Maybe we should spend 12 days this moment’s implications for our world? 

The birth of Jesus means being in community with people who make us .

Too often the political significance of Jesus’ birth, a significance that Herod understood all too well, is lost because the church, particularly the church in America, reads the birth as a confirmation of the assumed position that religion has within the larger framework of politics. That is, the birth of Jesus is not seen as a threat to thrones and empires because religion [is the realm of] the private. Such a view does not intentionally downplay the importance of the Gospel, since it is assumed that the private deals with the most important aspect of our life, which is often labeled “morality.” The gospel of Matthew, however, knows no distinction between the public (the political) and the private. Jesus is born into time, threatening the time of Herod and Rome.” 

– Stanley Hauerwas

When Christians proclaim, “Jesus is King” it is a and claim about how the world is organized.

can point us to

The response to the miracle of Christmas are moments saturated with joy and worship

The wise men are warned in a dream not to return to Herod but to return to their own country by another. It is quite significant the wise men return to their own country. It seems that God did not mean for them to stay in Israel, which, given the joy they experienced, must have been a temptation. Rather, they are charged to return home, becoming an outpost, a witness, to part of the story that brings us joy. That journey might well be called ‘another way’ that we too must take The Kingdom is a journey, another road, whereby followers of Jesus may well find that they are strangers even when they are at home.’”

 – Stanley Hauerwas

During Epiphany, it is made clear that the Christmas invitation is to follow the alternate, joyous way of worshiping King Jesus. 

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