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This Week's Note
Silent Disruption
December 4, 2022
Dan McEvoy

Every year, Christmas stirs up mixed emotions with busy activities and cozy feelings, yet for many, we are looking for some tranquility in the chaos. However, the very first Christmas was nothing but calm. Instead, it was a disruption-the invasion of Immanuel. This encounter was God's very self, inhabiting His people through one little baby. Yet this disturbance would lead to transformation not only of the very people that make up the Christmas but would truly usher in the Prince of Peace to be filled with the promise of salvation for generations to come.

This Week's Note
Meant for Me, Part 1: The Innkeeper — Making Room
December 4, 2022
Grant Fishbook, Lead Teaching Pastor

Grant Fishbook, Lead Teaching Pastor In the Christmas story: Mary made room for a miracle baby Joseph made room for discomfort Shepherds made room for a new message Wise men made room for worship The Innkeeper…did not. Or did he? Luke 2:4–7 4 So Joseph also went up from the town of Nazareth in Galil …

Thanks & Giving
November 27, 2022
Dan McEvoy, Duane Vis

As we gather around the table this week, there is so much to be thankful for. Even if life is currently hard, there is One who we can be so appreciative for: Jesus.