This Week's Note
With, Part 1: The Promise of With
December 5, 2021
Grant Fishbook, Lead Teaching Pastor

We’re all born with a deep need and longing for connection. It’s hardwired into our souls. God knows this, and he speaks to it in scripture. In fact, God’s most frequent promise in the Bible is, “I will be with you.”

Named, Part 9: Friend of God
November 28, 2021
Ryan Ervin, Adult Ministries Pastor

In the conclusion of the Named series, Pastor Ryan Ervin gives insight to the benefits and responsibilities that come with being named Friend of God.

Division Over Peace: Hope Where There is Death
November 28, 2021
Molly Martin

The idea of Division Over Peace culminates in the resurrection because: The resurrection justifies the exclusive claims of Jesus.  The resurrection fully reveals what it means to bring peace.    [Note] Mary’s journey of grief and joy are an example of the hope and longing that Jesus’s resurrect …